You build it, you run away it

Those of you who have joined us at Global DevOps Bootcamp in previous years know we have been exercising how to build modern apps using continuous delivery and DevOps practices. This year we shifted gears and we took your skills to the next level by levering rugged DevOps principles, with focus on three important phases:

  • Detect. Get insights into how your system behaves to make you and your users aware of any anomalies.
  • Respond. Connect with your users to make sure users are aware of the issue.
  • Recover. Action remediation to get your system back into operation.

Do you want to run the DevOps Bootcamp at your own community or company?

We can save you the hassle of setting up the infrastructure like Azure DevOps and Azure resources and create a fully automatic system that runs the actual disruptions and restore the environments back to health, just like we did for the Global editions.

We are offering the Global DevOps Bootcamp as a local variant in a fully SaaS hosted manner. No need to worry about the contents and infrastructure, you can focus on teaching the materials to your students, while we handle the rest.

Next to offering the materials and system, we can also run this bootcamp for your organization. Knowledgeable tutors will teach the content in this fully interactive learning system.


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